Collection page

Theme settings > Collection page

1 - Top product categories

1.1 - Categories menu in page heading

When you select Show all:All the menus of Navigation will be showed here

When you select Show a link list: All the menu items of the Menu select will be showed

2 - Page heading background

Set up Heading background image for ALL colllection page

If you want to set SPECIFIC images for each collection. Tick on this box

Then go to Collection settings

3 - Shop page layout

3.1 - Style

There are 2 types of Page layout: Default and Mansory

3.2 - Shop layout

Sidebar right/Sidebarleft

3.3 - Pagination

There 3 types

Load more button
Infinit scrolling

3.4 - Use sale countdown

Countdown to the end sale date will be shown. This countdown will display on the products which have been set by Metafield. You can refer to Product Metafield

3.5 - Countdown style

Countdown timer default
Countdown timer light
Countdown timer light 2
Countdown timer dark

3.6 - AJAX shop

Enable AJAX functionality for filters widgets on shop.

Scroll to top after AJAX

3.7 - Shop filter

Popup filter style: The filter will be showed when you click to Filters button.

Filter default: is on the top
Popup sidebar: is a popup on the left
Sorting + Switch column+ Number of results text

4 - Design image

5 - Admin extensions

This is the tag of the price ranges which the customer wants to find the product. This function helps customers classify products according to the level of money to suit their budget.