FAQ page

Theme settings > FAQ page

First of all, you must create a FAQs page

Go to Pages > Add new page

Go to Theme settings > Faq Page

1 - Pages Heading Background

  • Background: You can select properties for: Background Repeat, Background Size, Background Attachment & Background Position, Background Overlay.

  • Background Image: Select image from libraries.


2 - Text

  • Text 1, Text 2, Text 3, Text 4: Enter words which you want to show on screen.

  • Show contact box: Tick on if you want to show Text 3 and Text 4.

  • Page contact url: Choose page that will contain detailed information about your contact.

3 - Content

Go to Sections > Accordions Faq

  • Acccordions style: Choose showing style for content

Style 1
Style 2
  • Enable first active: When you go to FAQ Page, you can see content without click.


  • Content