Theme settings > Header

1 - Logo

There are 3 type logo and you can choose one of them:

1.1 - Logo SVG

SVG file stands for Scalable Vector Graphics.

You must upload SVG logo by: Settings > Files

Theme Setting > Header > Fill in the name of SVG logo

Learn more about SVG image here : W3School

1.2 - Logo image

You need to upload logo image. If you want to use Logo image, you have to delete data in Logo SVG box.

1.3 - Logo Custom logo retina

Use for Macbook and the sharpness is better

2 - Logo Sticky

It only show when you scroll down. To make the logo bigger or smaller, please enter a number of px (only number, eg: 150) for the width or the height.

If you want to use Logo sticky, scroll down to Header Layout and Tick on Sticky header


3 - Top Bar


4 - Header layout

Logo center

Header above the content: Overlap page content with this header (header is transparent).

5 - Appearance

Set up background color/ background image for Header+ Sticky header


Main Menu
Menu Sticky
Background image
  • Icons font for header icons:

Pe Icons
Font awesome
Simple line icons

6 - Mega Menu

Text in header: It’s only show when you choose Header Design in HEADER LAYOUT section is : Logo center.

Tick on Use custom Menu Color,if you want to set color for menu.

Main menu
Menu sticky

7 - Mobile Menu


Tick on Use mobile categories, if you want to show Categories.

  • Categories: Go to Sections > Mobile Categories

  • Content


8 - Other

You can setting for these section to show result as you like.

8.1 - Search widget

Drop down
Full display
  • Search full screen position:


Ajax technology help you show the result while typing