Promo popup

Theme settings > Promo popup

1 - Setting for Promo popup

  • Enable promo popup: Show promo popup to users when they enter the site. if customer close the popup, next show will be after 7 days.

  • Hide for mobile devices: Tick on if you want to hide it on mobile.

  • Animation effects

  • Use Mailchimp?:You can set for it by go to MailChimp form action URL of Shop setting in General

  • Use Ajax Mailchimp?

2 - Select Page To Display


3 - Show Popup After Settings

  • Show popup after: You can choose when show Promo Popup after: "some time" or "user scroll".

  • Popup delay: Show popup after some time (in milliseconds). Integer.

  • Show after user scroll down the page:Set the number of pixels users have to scroll down before popup opens (100 -5000). Integer

  • Show after number of pages visited: You can choose how much pages user should change before popup will be shown.

  • Popup version: If you change your promo popup you can increase its version to show the popup to all visitors again.

  • Popup expires: You will be able to specify when to expire the cookie. Once you check the "Do not show it anymore" checkbox.