Variant image change

With Elessi, you can show more than one product images with color, please follow this instruction.

Step 1: First one, you need to create a product.

Step 2: Click "Upload Image" to upload the images of this product

After upload image:

Step 3: Click "Add Variant" to add a variant for this product because this product comes in multiple versions, like different sizes or colors

Enter Variant section:

  • Size: S > M > L.

  • Color: White > Purple > Blue.

Step 4: Click "Save"

Step 5: Copy the colors of Variant section:

Step 6: Click "Alt" on image > Paste color on "Image alt text" section corresponding to the image

Choose product.group_images template for the product > Press "Save" button.

Step 7: Click "View" product:

Result: When you select a color, the image will display similar with that color.

How to delete product?

Choose Product > Action > Delete selected product